The End

Seems a little ironic that the first blog post is titled The End. Nonetheless, the title seems fitting given the topic.

Recently, there have been a number of people who have had a profound impact and touched peoples lives in many ways. Some were known as being cruel, dictatorial, and resistant to change such as Moahmar Qaddafi. Others, though, may have had similar personality traits, we’re also inspiring. They took something complicated that had been acceptable in our everyday lives and made it simpler.

Talking about other people dying, though, is not what this post is about. Rather, it is about something that touches each and every one of us. Individually. Sometimes it has a greater effect on us and it is greatly dependent on our surroundings. In some ways, I am saddened by those that do not have the chance to really experience this. Though I would really be curious as to what it would be like in the tropical regions of the world.

What I am talking about is an ending that is experienced here when it gets colder and the rains start. There is a mass death. Sometimes, it starts off slowly, with a gradual fading. Other times, the fading is an explosion of color. Often, the color explosions are a variety of hues of reds and yellows. The final act most of these victims face is a fall from their high perches to the earth below. Some are resistant. Though they all take their final leap. Eventually.

Occasionally those that have fallen stay where they land and end up decaying. Others get moved around by the forces of others. Sometimes into piles. Sometimes they are just moved about until their various parts begin to break off their corpses. Some dry out and become fragile and have a distinctive crunch as we drive our cars over their bodies lying in the roadway or walked on without care by the pedestrians along a sidewalk.

What I am talking about is autumn leaves. Their fleeting richness and vibrancy that they bring with this time of the year. Some years, if you don’t pay attention, they will be gone before you know it. Other years they seem to last for quite some time. Living in the Pacific Northwest, we don’t often get the opportunity to rake the dry leaves into piles to hop in to be a kid again for a brief moment. Ours are often wet and soggy.

If you look at your surroundings, you will often find images of beauty in your own back yard.

All part of a cycle that will start over anew in the Spring.

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