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I used to do a lot of website work many years ago and have always enjoyed it.  In the past, I would create websites for others to gain more experience and hone a talent.  When I thought about it, I’ve been creating websites for about 18 years.  As with many things that happen, I became busy in various aspects of my life and had not been doing as much website work.  I would still do a little here and there but by no means very much.

Recently, I have been doing quite a bit.  There have been a number of websites I have created and there are a number of others that I am working on re-designining.  A couple that are new websites that I have created include:

Whatcom Art Market is a website for the Whatcom Art Guild where members of the Guild can sell their artwork.  Another webmaster started the site early in 2013 and it was a static website that would require someone to receive artwork listings from the artists and post them to the site, make changes as necessary, and remove listings when sales are made.  The previous webmaster had some life changes and was no longer able to continue the work.  I was asked if this would be something that I would be able to take on.  I did.  One thing I wanted to make sure that I did was to make it a dynamic site where the artists would be able to manage their artwork listings.  This was a fun project and I learned a lot.

The Pacific Arts Market website is for a arts and crafts group that I am involved with.  Last year, the group of us had a successful holiday arts and craft show.  Another group in the Bellingham area did not hold their holiday show last year and announced in early 2013 that they were looking for someone/some group to take over.  Our group met and we decided to move forward and become Pacific Arts Market.  With any new group, we needed to have a website.  This is the start of this site.  It has information about the upcoming show as well as an opportunity for vendors to sign up.

In addition, a couple of the other websites that I have been working on for years are in the process of being revised.  NWHikes.com is in the process of being revised.  This site, while having a lot of information about hikes in the Pacific Northwest has kind of languished in it’s design.  It was overdue for a refresh.  Though the new design is not posted online yet, it will be soon.

MSWhite & Co. (http://mswhite.com) has been totally revised from the ground up.  This was a site where, many years ago, I started with having an area to advertise doing website work for others.  Part of this refresh included adding a lot of additional information about website basics, questions to think about for a new website, and more.  Additionally, the site was designed from the beginning to be responsive for both traditional computer browsers as well as phone-based browsers.

Part of this website work has spawned others to ask about doing a website for them.  If you, also, are looking for website work, please let me know.  The MSWhite & Co. website has information about what services I am offering and how to contact me.

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