New Z

Nissan posted a video that shows what the new Z may look like. Additional details were not provided. Lots of speculation, but I have not run across anything official as of yet.

There have been other renditions that artists have made for what a new Z could look like. Some I thought had potential. Now that Nissan has posted a video, I, preliminarily, like where they are going with the Z.

I like the lines from the windshield to the rear as well as the lines over the rear tire. Very reminiscent of the 240-280Z models.

I want to see more of this Z. Particularly interested in what the tail lights are like as well as a better view from the front.

Many years ago, when Nissan canvassed their customer base for a new Z that ended up being the 350Z, many customers were looking for something that was a nod to the early days of the Z. I enjoyed my 350Zs. I also really enjoyed the 240Z I had.

Let’s hope – especially for someone of my height – that when they looked back at the exterior lines of the early Zs that they also took into consideration the cabin space. The 240Z had some good leg room as well as head room. My 350Z was, to say the least, cozy.

Keeping fingers crossed for a worthy successor to the Z heritage.

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