So many questions…

While checking out Amazon to order some Grape Nuts, I noticed something that brought a flood of questions to mind.

Contains ‘A Booty-load of Fiber’

Yes, this was an item that was listed for sale among other cereals.

The flood of questions included:

  • Who thought of the name?
  • Do they actually sell this in stores? Gonna have to check the cereal aisle the next time I’m at a grocery store. Gotta know.
  • Is there really a championship for this?
    • If so, what are the requirements for becoming a contestant?
    • Is there a prize?
    • Who are the sponsors/endorsers of the championship?
    • Are there brackets?
    • Age levels, genders, or other groupings?
    • Apart from the cereal, how do you train for this?
      • How do you know if you are getting better from your training?
  • Did the marketers who designed the packaging keep a straight face?
    • What was going through their minds?
    • Did they have to go through a committee to get the packaging approved?
    • Only seeing the on
  • What kind of pitch was made to the deciding body that this was a good idea?
    • Was the pitch recorded?
    • What kinds of questions did the deciders have?

So many questions.

I went back to the site to see if I could see other sides of the package to get more information. Apparently, you only need 1/2 cup, per the Nutrition Facts label.

Potent cereal

In the About this item section, key bullet points listed include:

  • This is not a mere cereal
  • Poop like a champion isn’t made to taste great, it’s made to work
  • Your life is about to change from the bottom up

But wait, there’s more…

Apparently, there’s a whole like of Poop Like a Champion products. Other items that Amazon listed are:

  • High Fiber Gummies
  • Premium Peppermint Senna Tea

Best Yet

The Frequently bought together section lists the cereal, the gummies, and a ‘Granola Cereal by Crapola’.

A winning combination?

If you want to check out the cereal, here’s an affiliate link:

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