That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles

What follows is a transcript of a speech that I gave at the 28 October 2020 Skagit Valley Speakers Toastmasters meeting. During this speech, my computer froze. The screen was locked but I could still see many of my notes on the screen. I was uncertain whether others could still hear me. I continued myContinue reading “That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles”

Intentionally Chosen or Algorithm?

Recently, there was an article in the GoSkagit website related to a water line that was being installed for one of the local cities. The headline caught my eye and I skimmed the article. After finishing, I moved on. A couple of days later, while checking some news articles in the Flipboard app while drinkingContinue reading “Intentionally Chosen or Algorithm?”

Storing Your Photos in the Cloud

I am somewhat compulsive about making sure that the master versions of my photos for NWImages are backed up in multiple locations. One of the tenets about doing backups is to have an off-site location to store your backups. While I do have a whole separate process that I use for backing up my systemsContinue reading “Storing Your Photos in the Cloud”