Simple Pleasures

Sometimes it is the simple pleasures in life that bring those little bits of joy. As the new year starts, and it is the beginning of a new quarter, the time has come to make a change. Overdue Change This particular change, I believe, is overdue. Something that should happen – according to the expertsContinue reading “Simple Pleasures”

Things Have Changed

As one would expect with the passage of time, things change. Here is a comparison of Riverside Drive, just north of the College Way intersection. While there are some similarities between the old (left) and newer photo I took on 05 December 2020, most of the businesses shown are no longer. The photographer and dateContinue reading “Things Have Changed”

So many questions…

While checking out Amazon to order some Grape Nuts, I noticed something that brought a flood of questions to mind. Yes, this was an item that was listed for sale among other cereals. The flood of questions included: Who thought of the name? Do they actually sell this in stores? Gonna have to check theContinue reading “So many questions…”

New Z

Nissan posted a video that shows what the new Z may look like. Additional details were not provided. Lots of speculation, but I have not run across anything official as of yet. There have been other renditions that artists have made for what a new Z could look like. Some I thought had potential. NowContinue reading “New Z”


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