Dream Garage

In 1996, Nissan had a marketing campaign where one of the tag lines was ‘Enjoy the ride.’  One of the commercials they produced as a part of this campaign was known as the Dream Garage.  As a part of the Dream Garage promotions, Nissan produced a few different items to coincide with the marketing effort.  Some of those items included:

A QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) quicktime movie showing different Datsun/Nissan vehicles in the Dream Garage.  The QTVR movie allows you to pan/zoom around in different directions.

A poster that has information about some of the different vehicles that can be found in the Dream Garage.

A couple of commercials about the Dream Garage.  The long one is just over two minutes and is an epic tale.  There is also a shorter version of the commercial that doesn’t go into as much of the story.

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