A Mixed Bag

Small, but powerful, weather cell.

Today, awoke to the darkness of the Autumn morning. While sitting on the sofa, enjoying my morning espresso, I could hear the wind chimes outside singing their song in a long slow crescendo. Occasional delicate scratches of her front paw on the window sent the message the dog was ready to come inside. As I let her in, noticed some blustery winds outside and it starting to lightly rain.

As I returned to my morning espresso and reading, the chimes continued as wind gusts blew through. The light rain quickly became a downpour as the wind was blowing the raindrops into the side of the house. The sound of the falling rain eclipsed the sound of the wind.

Heard a loudish splatting noise that reminded me of the noise of water overflowing a clogged gutter. Stepped outside the door to look to see if that was the case. Alas, it was not. Phew. It was the gusty winds blowing the rain against the side of the house.

A short while later, while I'm sitting at the desk in my office, I glance outside and notice the rain had stopped. The trees were still and the remaining leaves thereon stood at attention. The winds had stopped, there were no gusts. The sky, now illuminated as the sun had risen, looked a calm gray.

The weather forecast indicated there was a warning for high winds until late afternoon. Looking at the radar, noticed there was a small but powerful cell that came through that was followed by a break from the rain and winds.

Such is the weather this morning.


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