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ZCCW NewZletter

For a number of years, I was heavily involved in the Z-Car Club of Washington. For a period of time, I produced the NewZletter for the Club. Fortunately, I was able to get some great articles done by others in the Z community and I did the layout, printing, and distribution. Here is a selection of some of the issues that I produced. They are PDFs and are layed out in preparation for printing.

So, I found most of them and were able to get them converted to PDFs. Pardon some of the poor quality of graphics. After 20+ years, the graphics were not stored in the same location as when the NewZletter was created. Also, some fonts are no longer present on my current systems. I found most matches, but some were different.

Z Videos

There have been a number of videos and commercials that have popped up over the years. Some have been low quality but when I find better quality versions, I try to include them.

Thrill Driver

Nissan Presents Thrill Driver. This was a commercial that aired during 2022 Super Bowl for the 2023 Nissan Z.

The Run

This was from a promotional DVD Nissan sent out before the release of the 2003 350Z.

Dream Garage

An epic tale of one generation sharing the love of Datsun/Nissan vehicles with another. This was part of a marketing campaign by Nissan in 1996; 'Enjoy the ride.'

Mr. K

As Nissan was ending sales of the 300ZX in the United States, there was a series of commercials that featured a mystical man at the end of the commercials. The mystical man was giving homage to Yutaka Katayama; affectionately known as Mr. K. This is a video about Mr. K. This is an excerpt from a 1997 promotional video about the New 1998 Altima.

Thrill Driver

A commercial that ran as a part of the 'Enjoy the ride' campaign.


An informational video with Mr. K.


A brief informational video about early Z design.

Build Your Own Z

I received this from the Windy City Z Club many years ago. Download this manual to build your own 240Z.