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Flooding II

Pictorial views of the flooding in the area. Josh Wilson Road From Tinas Coma Looking eastward. Old Hwy 99 Old Highway 99 North of Cook Road. West of I-5 North of Cook Road. Traffic Lots of traffic quickly backed up due to an accident on the I-5 Skagit River Bridge that closed traffic in bothContinue reading “Flooding II”


When I moved here in 1990, certain memories and convictions were seared into my mind. That Fall, there were heavy rains for a number of days that inundated the soil and filled rivers beyond their banks. The Skagit River was knocking on many peoples doors; sometimes coming in uninvited. I had heard that this happensContinue reading “Flooding”

I Pause

Sitting upon the couch, I peer outside the picture window noticing the wetness having been recently drenched by the “atmospheric river” that has flowed through the region. The wooden fence, recently installed, has splatters of mud in sections near its bottom as the rains have poured upon the water soaked ground. The roof tiles ofContinue reading “I Pause”


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