Skagit Valley

Flooding II

Flooding in a field alongside W. Whitmarsh Road in Burlington.

Flooding in Skagit Valley

Josh Wilson Road

From Tinas Coma

Looking eastward

Old Hwy 99

Old Highway 99 North of Cook Road.

West of I-5

North of Cook Road.


Lots of traffic quickly backed up due to an accident on the I-5 Skagit River Bridge that closed traffic in both directions. At the time of the accident, the only way to get from Burlington to Mount Vernon was the Burlington Blvd./Riverside Dr. bridge. The Division Street bridge between downtown Mount Vernon and Westside Mount Vernon was closed due to the flooding. Highway 20 was closed east of Burlington and Hwy. 9 was closed north of Clear Lake. Lots of patience required. Thankfully, only minor injuries.

Looking North on I-5 from George Hopper overpass
Looking South on I-5 from George Hopper overpass
Photo of Semi atop a Nissan Altima

Whitmarsh Road

Skagit River

Skagit River flooding


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Skagit Valley

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Skagit Valley


15 November 2021

30 years since my introduction to Skagit Valley, a flood event is inundating the area.

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