The ABCs of selling success

A sales presentation - created by AI

Was going through some old items and ran across the following.  Based on what this was with and text on the back side of the snippet, it was from the days when I was working for a newspaper. It likely had an intended audience of people in advertising sales though could apply to anyone in sales.

Arrive a little early for every appointment or meeting.

Be enthusiastic in everything you do (or at least "fake it till you make it.")

Complete your assignments, commitments and tasks.

Do more than is expected.

Express your opinions - after you get all the facts.

Find your center, and feel comfortable being yourself.

Go all out to please customers and others.

Help everyone you can - antagonists included.

Identify with your accomplishments.

Join in and help where you can.

Keep your wits - it may help you keep your sanity.

Listen and learn.

Make the most of your opportunities, resources and native abilities.

Never, ever give up.

Open your heart, open your mind and open the door to a richer life.

Permit yourself to enjoy the good things and have fun.

Quickly deal with emergencies, problems and opportunities.

Remember the Christmas spirit - especially in July.

Study everything to excel.

Take advantage of opportunities when you see them.

Use time well - it's your life we're talking about.

Value your health, your friends, your customers and all the good things on your table.

X-out the extraneous elements in your life that lead to frustration.

You are your greatest asset.

Zestfully meet life's challenges to succeed in sales and all you do.

ABCs of selling success
Scan of the snippet

Unfortunately, the snippet I have doesn't have any attribution as to the source.  If anyone knows, drop me a line.


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