NYE In Budapest

Figurine attached to the seawall along the riverfront across from the House of Parliament.

What do you mean 'New Years Eve in Budapest'?  

Budapest manhole cover
An ornate manhole cover in Budapest

Never in my life had I had any aspirations of traveling to Budapest - let alone being there for New Years Eve.  As luck would have it, we were visiting family stationed in Germany and we all took the opportunity to visit somewhere new for New Years Eve 2023.  We arrived late in the day on 30 December and stayed in the Air B&B we had rented for the weekend.  The next day, we took an adventure navigating the transit system to get to a Christmas market that was still running and checking out other sights in the area.

Budapest, being an older city in Europe, has lots of exquisite detail in many of the buildings found throughout the city.  Even the manhole covers are ornately designed.

Little Princess Statue
Little Princess Statue

As we were walking around, I noticed little bits of beauty throughout.  As we approached the Danube river, we could hear some music playing getting louder as we continued.  A couple of gentlemen were playing some beautiful music to passers by.  Near where the musicians were playing was the Little Princess Statue.  A playful piece that has been well adorned by many.

This day was rather overcast and rather chilly.  The river was running quite high, having recently flooded its banks.  Regardless, looking across the river through the haziness, we were able to view the Buda Castle atop the hill.

We took a stroll across the bridge and continued our trek along the river heading towards the House of Parliament.

Buda Castle
Buda Castle

As it was starting to get dark it was time to get the little ones back to the apartment. Back to the subway we headed. Fortunately, the apartment was only a couple of blocks from a subway station.

This short entry doesn't do Budapest justice but is, rather, a quick glimpse of some of the sights we were able to see.  More will be shared in other posts about our trip.


House of Parliament
House of Parliament in Budapest

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