In bed asleep, while they do dream things true.

Dreams can come true

Ever been working on something so intently, that you dream about it while sleeping at night?

Back in my younger days, would play Tetris on Super Nintendo for so many hours that when it came time to go to sleep, my mind would be visualizing different shapes as they are descending the correct rotation to ensure they would fit in the most efficient space to knock out rows or build a good foundation for future shapes.

Recently, there's been a project that I have been working on and there was this particular issue I was running into related to logging out of the site.  The fix was not something that I was focusing on at the time; more of making a mental note of it so that I could come by and fix it later. I knew it was a relatively simple solution that I had recently solved for another project I was working on. 

Since it was on my list of things to fix later, I moved on.  Later that evening, went to bed without any more thought about it.

Well, consciously, I wasn't thinking about it.

Then, 3:05 AM arrived and, for some odd reason, there was a brief lucid moment/semi-conscious dream where I remembered that there were some pages of code I had printed out so that I could refer to it while working on other projects and that it was tucked under my laptop stand.

Then I fell back asleep.

The next Later that morning when I get in my office I remembered the early morning vision. Low and behold, there it was. The quick answer to solve the problem that I was previously running into.

A few moments later, and the problem was fixed.

Sometimes dreams do come true!


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